What is the Game Vindicator?
Cheating in online multiplayer games have been described by many as an "epidemic", with some servers having as many as 30% of the players using a form of "cheat" or "hack" software in order to give themselves an unfair advantage. In such hectic times, Game Vindicator was designed to provide a 100% safe and secure environment in online multiplayer games, to all those who choose to use it.


What makes the Game Vindicator stand out?
Unlike other anti-cheat software, Game Vindicator has a proprietary cheat detection system, which uses 4 different ways of detecting outlawed software, hacks and viruses which may be present on the end-user's system. Also, Game vindicator is the only program on the market which supports Browser-Based games (such as those created in Flash, Shockwave and Java).

But on top of providing one of the most sophisticated game protection systems out there, Game Vindicator takes your privacy into consideration.

With the Game Vindicator, none of your personal files or data are ever collected, stored or analyzed. No information is ever saved about you or your computer, and no information is ever sent back to the Game Vindicator server. And of course, Game Vindicator is 100% free from Spyware, Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Worms, and Adware. In short, there is absolutely no risk to you or your computer, when it comes using the Game Vindicator.

Another welcome feature, is the fact that t he use of Game Vindicator is strictly voluntary. You are not obligated to install it. But if you do, you only need to run Game Vindicator while you are playing your favorite multiplayer games that support it. You are welcome to close the software when you do not need it, and if you choose to do so, Game Vindicator will always un-install 100% trouble free (leaving absolutely no traces of itself on your computer).

How much does it cost?
Would you put a price on making sure that your favorite multiplayer games are 100% free of cheats, hacks and users who try to give themselves an unfair advantage? Of course not! For this reason, Game Vindicator is, and will always be 100% free of charge to everyone.

Free now, Free forever! That's our promise to you!

There is no catch, and the fact that the Game Vindicator software is free will never change. You can also be sure that the Game Vindicator will always be free from spyware and viruses. And if you wish, you can always uninstall the Vindicator whenever you like (it will leave absolutely no traces of itself on your system).


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