>> May 4, 2007.
The newest version of the Game Vindicator has been updated to fully support the current release of Windows Vista, while still maintaining functionality on all previous versions of the Windows OS. Visit the "Download" section of our website to obtain your free copy of Game Vindicator 1.1.

 August 2, 2006
Game Vindicator has finally been released! Download your free copy in the "Download" section of our website, and begin your journy towards 100% hack and cheat free gaming!

 July 18, 2006
A copy of the Game Vindicator has been given to the selected beta-testers. A final public version is just weeks away!
Vindicator :: 2006
Game Vindicator now supports one of the most advanced cheat and hack detection systems available. Expect only the best and fastest multiplayer game protection, in the soon to be released public version of GV.

Game Vindicator is able to support any and all PC based games, and it is the only anti-hack and anti-cheat software which support Browser based games (such as those written in Java, Flash and Shockwave engines).

Game Vindicator is 100% free from Spyware, Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Worms, and Adware Also, Game Vindicator will never collect or send your personal or computer information back to it's server. This means that your privacy is always protected no matter what, and you are never in any danger from using or running the Game Vindicator.



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