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Are you a game developer?
Game Vindicator is able to support any and all PC based games, and it is the only anti-hack and anti-cheat software which support Browser based games (such as those written in Java, Flash and Shockwave engines). Currently, each year over quarter of a million players are entrusting themselves to our standards of gaming safety!

If you would like to include support for the Game Vindicator in your game, please contact our staff for more info:

And remember, the Game Vindicator may be included and used completely free of charge in all non-profit games!



Helpful Suggestions:
If your copy of the Game Vindicator is operating correctly, you will see it's icon in the bottom right of your Windows taskbar (beside the Clock indicator). The Vindicator will also inform you if it detects a game that is compatible with it.

For best results, make sure to start the Game Vindicator before you run your favorite online multiplayer game (that way, the game should have no problems detecting the vindicator on your system).

For more specific or game related problems, contact your game developer or distributor (since they will have more information on how exactly their specific product communicates with the Game Vindicator).

If all fails, try restarting your computer, or reinstalling your copy of the Vindicator.

Known Problems:

Currently, the Game Vindicator only supports 32 bit versions of Windows, that include: 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista

It may still be possible to run the Vindicator on other versions of Windows, but proper compatibility is not guaranteed.

If you experience any issues or problems using the latest version of the Game Vindicator, please report them to:

Our staff will do their best to solve any and all issues in the next release of GV.


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